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About Matisto

Matisto, based in Portland OR, was founded in 2004, in order to tackle one of the biggest problems since school age begun:
It is next to impossible to get help practicing algebra.

When you think about it, it's a pretty basic need:
Every student needs to practice algebra for a few hours a week and to be honest, it's not always working smoothly.

So what can students do when they don't see what's wrong with the wonderful solution they've been working on for the last 9 minutes - other than the fact it comes to 17.876X instead of 3?
Can they turn to the teacher every week?

Is tutoring a few hours each week really practical?
Can parents, siblings or domestic animals be fully trusted with these issues?
Wouldn't it be good to have online software that does just that?

Well, there you go.
Matisto is the only practice software that has real-time feedback on every step of the way for algebra problems.

Matisto was founded by Alon Vig, who's been looking for something just like that for his own private kids.
In the 21st century it didn't seem too much to ask from a computer to correct the algebra homework.

Amazingly this kind of software, much like Bigfoot and the Easter Bunny, was nowhere to be found.
So, being a software engineer Mr. Vig had no real alternative but to do the obvious.
So here it is:

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This math website was developed as part of the algebra help websites effort. It is the most advanced Algebra website to date.