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Finally - math software that watches every step you make


No downloads. Just practice

Here is how you start practicing with Matisto:

  • Sign up for the service - here
  • Choose the math subjects you want (equations, quadratics, trig, etc)
  • Click on the practice button and wait for the software to  load
  • Once loaded choose your first subject
  • Listen to the explanations and start practicing




In addition Matisto includes a:




Matisto is a web based system in which students perform the whole practice online, step by step.
The software processes the user input, figures out what the intention is and assess whether it is a legitimate step towards a solution. It provides in real-time explicatory comments on mistakes, and rewards on success. Matisto creates a profile for each user and generates exercises that mach the exact level of the user. The software can create thousands of different exercises.
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Free Algebra Solver

How is Matisto Different than Other eLearning Solutions?

You will notice the difference immediately. Matisto will not only produce the math exercises according to your selection and your level, but more importantly will watch your steps and will alert you in case you make a mistake. No kidding.

Currently, most eLearning systems today are even less effective then the classroom. Although some of those do quiz the users, they only indicate whether the final answer is true or false - while the itself is done in the student's mind or on paper.

Since only the end-result is captured by the software, it cannot understand how the students are solving the exercises, cannot monitor their methods, correct their mistakes as they're doing them, pinpoint problems and show alternative ways. While eLearning solutions have cost saving advantages, they are no different than practicing with a book. The key principle at Matisto is that each and every step of the practice is always online and always monitored.