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The free version includes all math lectures and three free exercises per subject

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Matisto's Algebra Key Features

Real-time feedback

Considering that a standard algebra exercise can have over 15 steps, you definitely want to use software that can correct mistakes in real-time.

Huge supply of exercises in each subject and level

At Matisto the all exercises and algebra equations are computer generated. It can generate an almost infinite amount of exercises for algebra quotations, trigonometric problems, word problems and many more - rather than a ”stock” of typed in worksheets.

Free algebra equations solver

Matisto software will make sure you will find the algebraic answers to each of the questions.

Extremely effective practice

With Matisto you'll crack a 2-5 times more exercises per hour! Since you're being spared the ”pleasure” of going down the wrong path after making a mistake, practice is way faster.

Exercises match the student level

Matisto's software generates the exercises according to the stunts level. The software measures the current level of the student by tracking errors, successes, think time and usage history.

Pin-pointing specific problems and addressing them

Matisto software processes the user input, figures out what the intention is, assesses whether it is a legitimate step towards a solution and then provides accurate feedback and comments on mistakes.

Game like practice: animation, sound, score, levels

OK Matisto is definitely not Sims 2. However it is a lot more fun than practicing algebra in the old way, of using pen and paper.

Creating a personal profile for each student

While practicing Matisto gets to know you and your achievements. All your practice is saved and you can always go back, look at what you've done, how well you did it and decided whether more practice is needed.

Friendly environment

 Matisto is a very Patient system. It provide as many explanations, examples and exercises on any subject as needed.