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Matisto is software that understands you on very step take while trying to solve complicated Math problems. Unlike most other practice software, Matisto does not produce multiple-choice questions.



practice software that relies on multiple choice questions, is no different than a booklet or a worksheet. Helpful software should be interactive on every step of the way.

Fence Painting
Let's take for example the following Math problem:

"Jane, Paul and Peter can paint the fence in 2 hours.
If Jane does the job alone she can finish it in 5 hours.
If Paul does the job alone he can finish it in 6 hours.
How long will it take for Peter to finish the job alone?"

Solving this kind of a problem can take something like 10-20 stages: understanding the data, assigning variables, using formulas, constructing the equations, combining like terms, finding a common denominator, opening parentheses and so on. Now what happens when a student makes a mistake on one of the stages? Obviously the kid will end up with the wrong answer. However the biggest problem is that the student has a slim chance of finding the error. Most likely the student will be frustrated and angry about the wasted time, and will move on to the next question. If that one won't work either, that will be the end of math practice for that day.


That's why Matisto is not an average algebra problems practice. It is design to help you when you get stuck on every step of the way. In fact, to date it is the only software that provides an interactive algebra problem help.