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The free version includes all math lectures and three free exercises per subject

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General FAQ

Need Help? Please look at our FAQ below. If you don't find the answers you're looking for, please Contact Us

1) How do I get started?
  1. First, register for the site. Registration is free and you can register here
  2. Choose the subject you wish to practice and then click the "practice" button
  3. Wait for the software to load. Once loaded click on a subject you wish to start with
  4. After the subject comes click "explain" to hear the intro or "exercise" to skip the explanations and start practicing
2) How do I purchase the Matisto service?
After registering to the site, press on the "subscribe" menu and choose one of the options
3) What exactly is Matisto's "realtime feedback"?
A math exercise usually has several steps. When practicing at Matisto, you are prompted to write all the steps, and just the final answer. When a step is done, Matisto software will let you know immediately whether it is right or wrong, and in case of an error will let you know where it is.
4) Which math subjects are there at Matisto?
You can view the subjects here
5) What is included in the demo version?
The demo version includes the compete functionality of Matisto software, with a limitation of one exercise per subject
6) Do I need to download anything for Matisto to work?
No. Matisto is online software that does not require downloads
7) How do I save my work?
Everything you do is saved automatically on the site. You can simply close the application when finished, and you will get back to the exact same spot automatically the next time you log in
8) Can I use Matisto's software to work on my own homework?
For equations of any kind, you can use the "equation solver". Type in the equation you wish to solve and Matisto will enable you two options: either solve it for you, or let you solve it yourself and provide feedback on every step of the way
9) How many exercises are in each subject?
There is practically no limit on the amount of exercises. Matisto's exercise generator can produce as many exercises as needed, until a subject is fully understood
10) Can I stop my subscription before it ends?
Yes. You can stop your subscription on any day, and receive full refund for the unused days
11) I keep solving the exercises but not getting to the next level
You may have some mistakes during the exercise solving. Matisto advances you to the next level only when you are solving the exercises without using Matisto's help. You can look at the reports to see what went wrong.
12) What are the "completed" percentages in the status bar?
The percentage shows you how much of the unit you've completed. You need to get to a 100% completion before the software advances you to the next unit.
13) Why don't I get anymore "Tips"?
The tips are only visible for the first time you solve a particular exercise. After you've managed to solve it right, you don't get tips anymore.
14) How do I skip an exercise?
Click again the subject button that's on the left panel.