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Matisto's Technology

Today interactive educational software is consisted mainly of computer games, produced for young children.
When it comes to "serious learning" that targets high-school students, universities and professional training, the software is mainly learning content and sometimes basic interaction in a form of quizzes.

The main reasons for that is the assumption that youth and adults do not require fun and games as learning incentives, since they study due to solid reasons (grades, diplomas, scholarships and employment opportunities). Since producing an interactive learning material takes much more effort then producing content, and demands employing expensive resources (software engineers) so far no one has taken that route.

In contrast Matisto is taking the effort to implement an interactive learning system, and is creating the technology that is needed to make
it successful.

Using the exercise generator, Matiso software is able to produce almost unlimited number math exercises.  It is not just math games for kids, but sophisticated software that makes sure they are on the right track for succeeding in math.